Tooth Extractions

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No one wants to be in a situation where he or she needs to have a tooth removed. When a tooth is severely damaged or decayed, however, extracting it may be the dentist’s best option for beginning to return your remaining teeth and gums to peak health.

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Do You Need a Tooth Extracted?

There are many reasons why our Fort Worth dentist may recommend extracting one or more teeth. Among the most common is that severe tooth decay has created a situation in which at least one tooth is beyond being saved or restored. At that point, an extraction is the best chance of thwarting future infection and making the patient more comfortable.

The dentist may also recommend an extraction for impacted teeth, malfunctioning teeth, or teeth that are difficult to clean such as wisdom teeth. Removing wisdom teeth also can prevent crowding. Without this step, these teeth are vulnerable to inflammation or infection.

Having a tooth extracted may be intimidating, but this is a routine procedure for an experienced dentist like Dr. Audu. This is a very low-risk procedure with few possible complications. The patient’s recovery after a dental extraction tends to be quick with little if any discomfort.

Most tooth extractions are quick and uneventful. Patients who prefer to be awake during the procedure will have the affected tooth, gums and bone-area anesthetized. Others may opt for stronger sedation such as nitrous oxide (or laughing gas), particularly if they are struggling with severe anxiety about the procedure or about visiting the dentist in general.

What to Expect During a Tooth Extraction

Once the extraction begins, patients will feel some pressure but not pain. In most cases, a surgical intervention is unnecessary, and the dentist can remove the tooth using only applied pressure to the socket and dental forceps.

After an extraction, our dentist will provide you with thorough follow-up instructions. Please heed these steps closely in the hours and days following your tooth extraction to minimize bleeding and waylay the chance of post-procedural infection.

In some cases, our office will prescribe medication to help relieve any post-procedural pain, particularly in cases when patients have more than one tooth removed.

The most important aftercare step is to make sure the extraction site remains clean. Patients who follow the dentist’s instructions after an extraction have a very high chance of healing without complications in a matter of weeks. Once the extraction site heals, we can replace one or more missing teeth with a dental bridge or a denture, or we can refer you to a well-qualified dental implant specialist.

When you need a Forth Worth dentist who is well-versed in pain-free dental extractions, please contact Museum Smiles online or by telephone to schedule your appointment: 817-870-5099.