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Acidic beverages contribute to tooth decay

Acidic beverages contribute to tooth decayOne of the most common causes of dental problems is dental decay/dental caries, also known as cavities. Cavities begin gradually by the softening of enamel and tooth structure. The process of decay progresses to the inner layers of the tooth, dentin, and sometimes the pulp (blood vessels and nerve tissue within the tooth). It is ideal to treat a dental cavity before it extends into the pulp of the tooth.

When can my kid get braces?

When can my kid get braces?Early orthodontics, phase I orthodontics and/or braces can help preteens correct minor crossbites or dental crowding early. Children start getting their first permanent teeth around the age of 6. And parents start noticing smile changes. Usually, there is a natural space between the two upper front teeth as they move into the arch.

Are my teeth becoming crooked?

Are my teeth becoming crooked?

Are my teeth becoming crooked? This is a common question that people ask their friends, family, or coworkers when they start noticing a change in their smile or bite. Teeth shift and change in their alignment every minute of the day. However, when the forces of our bite balance one another appropriately, the shifting is hardly noticeable.

Tooth gap

Tooth gap

A tooth gap also known as a diastema is attractive in many cultures around the world. A tooth gap sometimes runs in families and several family members may have a similar diastema. Many persons identify a tooth gap as a beauty mark. For some people, a tooth gap can be due to a missing tooth, a frenum pull, or sucking a thumb/pacifier later in physical development.