The Health Risks of Periodontal Disease

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Health Risks of Periodontal DiseasePeriodontal disease is an infection of gums and tissues that hold the teeth in place. It is a common chronic infection that affects about 50% of American adults.

The signs of periodontal disease include swollen gums, bleeding gums, and hardened chalk like buildup on teeth. It can be prevented by maintaining good oral hygiene along with dental cleanings.

The manifestation of periodontal disease affects other body systems including cardiovascular and respiratory health. Maintaining healthy gums and teeth can help prevent complications in pregnancy. Improving one’s periodontal condition has a positive effect on glycemic control in Diabetics.

There are different bacteria species present in each person’s oral cavity. These bacteria are present in the deposits that form on teeth. And the body’s immune system has to respond to the infection caused by the microflora.

Due to the fact that the risk of periodontal disease goes up with age and starts to present in the 20s, regular dental cleanings can prevent this condition. Contact us to schedule your next dental appointment and help prevent periodontal disease. Museum Smiles is a dental clinic located in Fort Worth, TX offering dental care services for families and individuals.