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When can my kid get braces?

When can my kid get braces?Early orthodontics, phase I orthodontics and/or braces can help preteens correct minor crossbites or dental crowding early. Children start getting their first permanent teeth around the age of 6. And parents start noticing smile changes. Usually, there is a natural space between the two upper front teeth as they move into the arch.

Will Braces Hurt?

If you are thinking of getting your teeth straightened or aligned, you may have considered getting braces as an option. A common question when considering braces is, “will my teeth hurt?” There are several stages in orthodontic treatment when you have braces. The initial procedure of having brackets placed on your teeth is not painful. Sometimes, a few hours to a few days after wires are placed, your teeth may feel tight. This is the initial stage, in which the teeth are getting ready to follow the instructions of wire for bending and aligning.