What Are The Benefits of Fluoride Treatment?

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Fort Worth fluoride treatmentWhen it comes to maintaining the proper dental health, the never-ending battle to avoid the onset of tooth decay remains a top priority for Fort Worth residents and beyond. In striving to reach that lofty goal, steps have to be taken in order to prevent dual dangers like plaque and bacteria from laying the groundwork for future cavities.

Battling Tooth Decay

That’s because once those dangers start to eat away at the enamel on an individual’s teeth, cavities become much more likely. So in order to combat this issue, a Fort Worth dentist like Dr. Sheri Audu at Museum Smiles strongly recommend that patients brush regularly with fluoride toothpaste or drink fluoridated water.

By taking those steps, an individual can regain minerals lost from the plaque and bacteria, something that’s especially important for children.

Those Most at Risk

However, some individuals might not be as vigilant in brushing their teeth and using mouthwash or may live in areas where fluoridation is not in the drinking water. Either that, or they neglected those areas during their formative years, they wear braces, have bridges and/or crowns or they take medication that causes conditions like dry mouth.

Regardless of the circumstances, the best option for them would be fluoride treatment. This is where your Fort Worth dentist puts fluoride in a mouth guard and place it in your mouth for as long as four minutes. Once that exposure is complete, the mouth is washed out and a healthy varnish is applied to the teeth.

In the case of children, especially preschoolers, undergoing this treatment can establish lifelong habits that show the value of taking care of your teeth. The fact that, in many cases, their permanent teeth haven’t come in yet will allow them to be ahead of the game.

Too Much Fluoride Isn’t Good

Despite the value of fluoride, there can be dangers involved for someone who exposes themselves to an excess amount of fluoride, which can happen when using too much toothpaste. Too much of it runs the risk of developing a condition known as fluorosis, which turns teeth brown.

The Right Approach

That’s why undergoing fluoride treatment from a trained professional like Dr. Sheri Audu at Museum Smiles is important to maintaining or establishing a clear path toward excellent dental health.

This approach is beneficial is a variety of ways, since it helps the self-esteem of an individual who can smile without fear of displaying decayed teeth. It also avoids the pain of filling cavities or removing teeth because of poor dental health, and saves money in the long run from avoiding expensive dental procedures.

Dr. Sheri Audu is a Fort Worth dentist who provides her patients with the very best treatment for their teeth, regardless of whether it’s a simple checkup, a cavity filling or fluoride treatment. At Museum Smiles, the ultimate goal is proper dental health and arming patients with the necessary information to make that happen.