Dental Care During Pregnancy

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 At Museum Smiles, we have been blessed to welcome two new babies in the last one year. With 2 team members pregnant, including the dentist, we had a close up view of pregnancy and what it means for our health. 

The ADA  has published a recent study that shows dental treatment during pregnancy is safe while following some basic guidelines. Actually, there was no significant risk of health problems in newborns when expectant mothers received dental treatment under local anesthetic in comparison to mothers who did not receive dental treatment. However, we completely understand the caution and concern that expecting mothers have when it comes to the health of their baby. So we intentionally support the mother whether she chooses to wait or pursue treatment immediately. There are a few scenarios in which it is not ideal to wait for treatment. If there is an active dental infection or severe toothache, it is most beneficial to get evaluated and take care of the problem stat.

For elective dental treatment, the second trimester is most ideal for a visit. Per the ADHA , 50 % of pregnant mothers have some form of gum disease. Gum disease is not limited to gingivitis and can be periodontitis. Periodontitis during pregnancy carries risks like low birth weight, preterm birth, and/or preeclampsia. If you are preparing for pregnancy, establish a dental home and maintain optimal dental health. As this will also help with good diet and nutrition during pregnancy.

Also, if an expecting mother is experiencing morning sickness, it is especially important to get a dental exam and tips on preventing dental caries. Dry mouth and other symptoms of morning sickness increase the likelihood of developing a cavity. Research shows that products that contain xylitol are helpful in preventing dental caries. A great maintenance regimen helps improve the mother and baby’s dental health in the future.  

As you may be wondering by now, how are the two new babies in the Museum Smiles family? Well, Mariella has an 11 month old and Dr. Audu has a 5 month old. They are doing great! Growing quickly and are very active. 

If you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy, tell us how we can be of assistance in your overall health. The dentist will be glad to meet you and provide the best dental care. We proudly serve patients in Fort Worth, Keller, Arlington areas. Click here to schedule a dental consultation with us. 

Dental Care During Pregnancy