5 Simple Ways To Prevent Cavities

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When it comes to periodontal disease, there’s not much to smile about. That’s because it’s estimated that close to half of the adults in the United States have some form of it, ranging from mild or moderate to severe. Those numbers are even worse when considering the elderly, with approximately two-thirds of them having either the moderate or severe variety.

Given the fact that cavities are the first step on the road to periodontal disease, the statistics above make it clear it that having a knowledgeable Fort Worth dentist like Dr. Sheri Audu at Museum Smiles available to help you prevent cavities will go a long way toward helping you avoid that fate.

Regular and Proper Brushing

This is undoubtedly the simplest way to help prevent cavities, since all it really involves is taking a few moments at least once a day to brush your teeth, preferably with fluoride toothpaste. That helps get rid of any food buildup over the course of a day, and is best handled before you go to sleep. However, make sure not to brush too hard, or you run the risk of having losing enamel, the protective cover for the teeth.

Using Mouthwash

Taking just 10-15 seconds after a meal to use mouthwash will not only aid in loosening up food particles, but also help kill any bacteria from that food from growing. That’s because most mouthwashes have alcohol that helps sterilize your mouth.

Flossing Every Day

One area that never seems to get enough attention is flossing. However, by doing this every day, you can help eliminate the potential for bacteria to grow between teeth. That’s because the food particles in that area are loosened before being completely removed by either a brush or rinsing your mouth. The process also toughens the gums, which helps stave off gum disease.

Avoiding Sticky and Sweet Foods

Many people fall victim to this because of the lure of delicious desserts, candies and soft drinks. However, acids from those drinks and the sugar on whatever you’re eating is something the bacteria already in your mouth is craving. With sugar, the frequency of eating it is worse than how much at one sitting, which is why candy often results in cavities.

Regular Dental Checkups

Scheduling two visits per year will spot any problems that are present or detect developing issues. At Museum Smiles, patients are counseled about the importance of these, since even if you keep brushing multiple times per day, you still can develop cavities if you don’t visit your Fort Worth dentist regularly.

While there’s no single aspect that’s more important than the other when it comes to these, Museum Smiles makes clear that flossing is one of the most integral components on the list. So establishing a good relationship with a Fort Worth dentist like Dr. Sheri Audu will help prevent cavities and stop periodontal disease in its tracks. Contact Museum Smiles to schedule your next dental appointment.