Implants Over Dentures

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It is great news that human beings are living longer than ever. The older population of the world (aged 65 and over) is 8.5 percent of people worldwide and that percentage is set to double by 2050 according to the National Institutes of Health. This means teeth must be able to last longer. And in the many cases, in which they don’t, the alternative options for replacing teeth should be compatible, functional, and esthetically pleasing.

Many patients that lose all their teeth find that their facial structure changes. This is because when teeth are not present, bone is lost each year in the mouth and facial area. Traditional dentures that are worn over dental arches without any support can help lift and provide some form to the lip area. However, many patients are uncomfortable with the flip flopping of dentures. And/or using denture adhesive.

When we yell, cough, or sneeze, the bone in the back of our mouth  can push the back of a denture and cause a mild shift before the lips and tongue can place the denture back in its rightful position. This is where dental implants lend traditional dentures some stability and support. Dentures worn with implant support are known as overdentures.

Overdentures can be supported by 2-6 dental implants in each arch. The overdenture can be supported by a bar from the implants or by individual studs from the implant. Both types of attachment involve the patient being able to remove the overdentures and clean the attachment regularly

Deciding on overdenture attachments is determined by the patient’s bite. The implants that support overdentures lend the patient several long-term options including converting to a fixed prosthesis in which the prosthesis remains attached/fixed to the patients arch until the dentist removes the prosthesis.

There are millions of Americans who do not have teeth at all. And with the advances in dentistry, chewing effectively and smiling confidently is attainable even after losing all teeth. It is best to consult a dentist and have a thorough treatment planning session to determine what the best short term and long-term plan is to restore missing teeth (whether partially or fully edentulous). Implants with great hygiene and recall visits can last decades.

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