What is a Soft Tissue graft

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What is a Soft tissue graft? A soft tissue graft is when gum tissue is taken from one part of the mouth, or from donor tissue and placed over exposed root surfaces. Gum recession is when the root surfaces of teeth are uncovered or exposed. This can be due to brushing hard, grinding, or pressure from a piercing or frenum.

Gum recession not only affects esthetics, but it can also cause significant sensitivity during eating. The root surfaces of teeth are very sensitivity to cold. And root surfaces are usually covered by gum tissue. However, if the gum tissue has pulled back and the tooth root surface is exposed, this can lead to sensitivity or decay along the gum line.

Gum recession can increase if the causative factors are not addressed, or treatment is not done to restore the soft tissue. Gum tissue can be grafted from the palate, and then repositioned over the root surface to cover the root surface. The graft can also be derived from a donor.

The signs of gum recession include sensitivity along the gum line, dark spots around the gums, or food packing in the gum area. Your gum tissue is usually measured during your routine visits to the dentist to ensure the stability of your attached gum tissue and to address any possible inflammation that can affect gums. The gums and bone tissue that support teeth are known as periodontal tissue. The health and stability of periodontal tissue is critical to maintaining teeth long term and preventing tooth mobility.

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