Will Braces Hurt?

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If you are thinking of getting your teeth straightened or aligned, you may have considered getting braces as an option. A common question when considering braces is, “will my teeth hurt?” There are several stages in orthodontic treatment when you have braces. The initial procedure of having brackets placed on your teeth is not painful. Sometimes, a few hours to a few days after wires are placed, your teeth may feel tight. This is the initial stage, in which the teeth are getting ready to follow the instructions of wire for bending and aligning.

During this initial stage, it is hard to eat hard foods like hard breads. It is best to avoid foods like this with braces to avoid popping a bracket or getting the food trapped in orthodontic elastics. Softer foods like potatoes or noodles, that require less chewing, are easier on your teeth during this stage. Also, it feels different to have brackets in your mouth. You can use orthodontic wax to cover the brackets so that they do not rub the inside your mouth. Once you get used to the braces, or within a few weeks, the “weird sensation,” is usually gone.

Over the counter pain medications like acetaminophen or ibuprofen help with relieving the initial soreness. Most people find that the discomfort with getting braces is very manageable. And does not hurt enough to disrupt any daily activities. It is during times of rest, in the evening, or chewing that the discomfort is noticeable.

The next stage in orthodontic treatment, includes orthodontic adjustments. During your periodic or monthly orthodontic visits, your wires and elastics will be adjusted to help your teeth move more into an ideal position for a stable arch and beautiful smile. These adjustments can be uncomfortable as teeth settle into their new positioning. The discomfort here is also short, lasting a few days. 

A numbing mouthrinse or over the counter pain medication is helpful during orthodontic treatment. Over the duration in braces, the discomfort reduces because teeth get closer to their desirable position and there is not a need for as much torquing or movement.

Overall, the result of braces is very worthwhile. And few people remember the few hours of discomfort that they felt in the initial stages of treatment.

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