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Dental bonding before

Dental bonding before and afterWe often have patients who have an event coming up and want to be “smile ready.” A number of adults just stop smiling because there is a small chip or fracture that they feel is noticeable. People decide to bear with tooth fractures in their smile line for a number of reasons. Over a period of time, these tooth fractures can increase in width and span or even lead to tooth decay. The best plan of action is to schedule a dental consultation and request treatment options for the interim and the long term.

                Bonding involves choosing a composite shade or mixture of shades that matches the tooth closely. It is important to isolate the tooth properly, maintain a dry field, and place a bevel on the tooth which roughens up the tooth surface and increases the surface area of adhesion. Thereafter, a chemical bond  is applied, the bonding material (composite) is placed in layers, and then cured with an ultraviolet light. It is minimally invasive. But technique sensitive. Dental composite is resin based and can stain similarly to teeth over a period of time. It is important to avoid acidic beverages and brush gently but frequently to retain esthetically pleasing restorations. Night guards can also help prevent future tooth chips or fractures.

Cosmetic dentistry has greatly benefited from using dental composite to restore front and back teeth alike when it comes to tooth fractures. However, there are some tooth fractures that are too large for dental composite to be retentive. If over half of the tooth is fractured, or if the pulp (nerve) is exposed, then a crown or a root canal may be needed. Crowns can be the same shade as teeth and more durable over the long term.

In some cases, teeth naturally appear pitted, stained, or uneven due to development. If the defect is moderate in extension, dental bonding can reduce the appearance of these irregularities. Certain antibiotics during development or excessive fluoride can make teeth look stained. Cosmetic bonding may require different shades to make teeth look even if the tooth has multiple shades naturally.

If you are nervous about dental procedures, be assured that it is possible to have bonding done without injections or anesthetics depending on the extent of the tooth irregularity. And if you are worried about the cost, we can create an affordable dental treatment option for your convenience before proceeding with your dental visit.

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