Wellness Goals for 2019

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Wellness Goals for 2019

Happy New Year! We wish our friends, patients, and future patients a wonderful 2019! It is time to set goals for 2019! Our wellness is of utmost importance. Physical and mental wellness are the foundation of accomplishing other goals for the year.  Here are some wellness tips for 2019:

Get some exercise: Walking outdoors increases our exposure to the sun and provides Vitamin D. An adequate level of sun exposure helps prevent depression and anxiety. Walking or biking, amongst other forms of exercise reduces bad cholesterol and control blood sugar. Exercising reduces the risk of chronic illnesses like diabetes and high blood pressure.  

Sleep enough: The symptoms of lacking sleep and insomnia, can mimic a heart attack. The inability to sleep can lead to chest pains, hallucinations, irritability, and high blood pressure. Getting enough sleep helps a person wake up in a good mood. A good mood can make all the difference in one’s day.

Go to the dentist: Come visit us at Museum Smiles! Not only are we a friendly team of dental care providers, but we care about your overall health. A visit to the dentist can help maintain strong teeth and gums. This helps with eating a proper diet, smiling, and speaking confidently.

Eat a balanced diet: It is important to have a colorful plate of vegetables to get an adequate intake of vitamins. Fruits and vegetables are good sources of fiber to preserve a healthy colon. The right amount of protein and grains helps maintain a steady level of energy throughout the day.  

Have a social group and community:  Breaking bread with your church family, having a yoga group, or drinking tea with neighbors provides relaxation and support. Share laughter with people around you. An encouraging environment or group of positive people can boost a person.

Schedule a visit with your physician: A preventive visit with your physician allows you to develop good health practices for the long term, and treat or prevent illnesses that may be otherwise undetected.

Be positive: Smiling improves our mood and helps those around us relax. Thinking positively allows us to smile and spread kindness to others.