Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day
If you are wondering what to do for Valentine’s Day, you are in great company. Many of us don’t make Valentine’s Day plans ahead of the month. As the day approaches, we watch our social media buzz with picturesque moments that friends and family are having on showing us. Be assured, there are many beautiful moments that you can create within a week.

One idea is cooking dinner with your significant other or children. You can order colorful vegetables and make a special 3 course dinner. Some dinner dishes are half made at the gourmet grocery stores. A nice candlelight dinner at home with soft music playing can be more palatable than going out to eat in a busy restaurant.

Another great idea is watching romantic movies. Few things say Valentine ’s Day better than watching your favorite movies; some old and some new romantic comedies and tear jerking love films can make for an enjoyable evening at home. Add some popcorn or strawberries and chocolate, and you have the perfect mix.

If you are really itching for a pinterest moment in your home, you can make a heart shaped food. You can bake in a heart shaped pan, or decorate your dessert with chocolate drawn in a heart shape. Adding a wine glass to this to make the moment perfect.

You can walk to a part of the city that allows great panoramic views of your city. Fort Worth has some beautiful areas like the Water Gardens on Commerce, or the West 7th bridge in the evening. Trinity Park is a great spot to capture Fort Worth’s best views.

Whatever you choose to do will be perfect if you are relaxed and comfortable. Remember to share smiles and random kind acts on Valentine’s Day. If you need to get your smile ready for the big day, give us a call at 817 870 5099. Museum Smiles is located within a few miles of Downtown and we would love to provide your dental care.