The Root Cause

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The Root Cause The Root Cause is a 73 minute documentary that follows an individual that got into a physical fight and developed a traumatized tooth in the process. He got a root canal treatment for the traumatized tooth and went on to develop some stress and health conditions that medical treatment could not resolve.

The documentary interviews some physicians and dentists that speak on the connection that a root canal treatment can have with the body's immune system and bloodstream. In summary, the physicians in the documentary describe how a root canal treatment can have adverse effects on an individual.

A root canal treatment is a procedure that is needed when a cavity is deep and extends through the enamel and dentin layers of the tooth, into the pulp tissue. The pulp contains nerve tissue and blood vessels. This area of the tooth is responsible for acute pain. Once the pulp tissue dies, or the tooth becomes necrotic, pain is not felt from the tooth any longer. However, if the bacteria from the cavity travels through the tooth, into the pulp and surrounding blood vessels, then the body tries to wall off the offending area by developing an infection and lining around the tooth. This process is similar to a boil. An infected tooth can develop an abscess around it.

One of the lessons from this documentary and our health in general is that prevention is key. It is beneficial to treat a cavity in the earlier stages (while it is in enamel or dentin) before it reaches the pulp/nerve tissue. It also helps to seek intervention sooner than later once a toothache is present. Once a tooth that hurts (is alive or vital) undergoes root canal therapy, it has higher chances of success than a tooth that is necrotic (the nerve/blood tissue within the tooth is no longer present due to prolonged exposure to bacteria or trauma).

Each person's immune system, dentition, and bone structure differs significantly. The way each person's anatomy differs is critical to the treatment plan or action step that is taken for each tooth, the whole mouth, and the body. Radiographs, an oral exam, and a full medical/dental history help provide the dentist and patient a road map for the best course of action to take.

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