Are my gums receding?

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Are my gums receding?A relatively common uncomfortable dental condition is gum recession. Gums can recede for a number of reasons. The best way to prevent receding gums is to avoid parafunctional habits like nailbiting, grinding, and avoid oral piercing, and brushing too hard. However, some people find that even with the best effort, their gums still recede . With the recent advances in dentistry, treatment is available for treating gums that have already receded.

Some ways to prevent recession include wearing a night guard. Grinding can put pressure on tissue that support our teeth (periodontal tissue include gums). This causes gums to pull back from teeth. The resulting exposed root surfaces are more delicate, susceptible to cavities, and sensitive to cold. Another destructive habit to periodontal tissue is tobacco dipping. This occurs because of the constant irritation to the gums, thus gums recede in response to chewing tobacco.

There are cases in which gum recession is caused by brushing too hard around the gum line. It is important to keep gums clean by massaging them with a toothbrush. But an electric toothbrush can help keep teeth and gums free of offending bacteria without applying excessive pressure and injuring the gumline. Sometimes, an oral piercing can cause gum recession. Oral piercings can tug on gum tissue in an unnatural way and cause recession.

The treatment for gum recession depends on the cause of the recession and extent of the condition. A soft tissue graft, in which some tissue is taken from another part of the mouth, and placed to cover the receded area is a helpful procedure. Laser Periodontal Therapy, in which laser is used to remove inflamed tissue, is a procedure option. In many cases, a bone graft must be done to stabilize the supporting bone.

Gum recession can affect the appearance of a person’s smile. Teeth roots are darker in color than the tooth structure or crown. So recession around front teeth can be noticeable. The sooner gums are evaluated and treated, the better the potential results. A comprehensive treatment plan can serve as a road map for you as a patient so that you know what to expect along the way.

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