Oral Yeast Infection

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An oral condition commonly known as thrush, is Oral Candidiasis. Oral Candidiasis is a mouth infection that is caused by a fungus called Candida Albicans. Normally, the body maintains a good balance of bacteria and immunity that helps to prevent Candidiasis, or thrush. However, when the body’s immune system is affected, or naturally occurring bacteria have been destroyed through the intake of antibiotics, a yeast infection can develop.

There are some systemic conditions that affect the immune system, thereby leading to the development of an oral fungal infection. Diabetes, which results in a weakened immune system, and high blood sugar is a risk factor for Oral Thrush. A high blood sugar increases the likelihood of thrush. People with dry mouth, or dry mouth syndrome can easily develop oral yeast infections because the natural microflora of the mouth is displaced in a dry oral cavity.

Babies, whose immune system have not fully developed, are at a risk for thrush. If a baby develops thrush, the condition may resolve itself within a few days. If it doesn’t, an antifungal solution may be used to coat the mouth.

Thrush, oral candidiasis, or oral yeast infection can be spread from one person to another. A breastfeeding baby may pass it to his/her mother, and be re-infected through nursing. Sterilize bottles, pacifiers, and clean utensils properly to avoid cross contamination.

People who wear dentures, especially if worn overnight are at a risk of developing oral candidiasis. This oral yeast infection looks like white patches, that when rubbed off reveal a reddened area that is tender to touch.Oral Yeast Infection

At Museum Smiles Dentistry, we look for any concerning discoloration to the mouth tissue internally, and externally around the lips. Discolored gums, cheek tissue, or swollen areas can point to a treatable condition such as an oral yeast infection.  

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