It is Spring Break

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It is Spring BreakIt is Spring Break! An exciting time for kids and families to spend time together and unwind. There are a number of fun ideas for young families to explore this Spring Break week in Fort Worth. Playing outdoor games is a popular one. The weather is great and kids can get some exercise without needing multiple layers or getting too hot.

Another popular activity is gardening. Kids can learn about plants and choosing seeds to create an attractive and fruitful garden. This gives kids a chance to do something gratifying since they can plant fruits and vegetables for their families or just admire the appearance of their hard work.

Taking a road trip is a great idea for families with kids. Be sure to pack plenty of healthy food and music or movies to keep kids occupied during the journey. A family road trip is a fun and memorable way to spend the break.

Some schools take their spring break close to the Easter Holiday and kids can decorate Easter eggs during spring break. Designing beautiful Easter eggs or baking Easter themed shapes is an artful way to bring in the Easter Holiday.

Take a tour of Fort Worth! Fort Worth has many areas where kids can have fun. The Fort Worth Botanical Gardens is an entertaining and attractive place for kids to take pictures and run around. This is also very educational because the plants are labeled and kids  get a chance to learn about plants and even insects in this well-manicured garden. Take a stroll and see where Trinity Trails lead. Be sure to stop at the Food park for some beverages and snacks. Check out the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame while visiting the other museums in the Cultural District. And did you know some of our nation’s currency is produced right here in Fort Worth? Tour the Bureau of Engraving and Printing with the kids and they can learn a bit about the Money factory.

Some other ideas for Spring Break include a good old Spring Cleaning and checking off regular visits to the physician or Dentist. Contact us at Museum Smiles Dentistry to schedule a dental checkup and cleaning for the family during spring break.

We are located within a few miles of Downtown Fort Worth and the Cultural District. And would love to take care of your family this Spring Break. We proudly serve patients from Keller, Arlington, and Fort worth Areas.