Will a dental implant hurt?

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Will a dental implant hurt

You’ve just had a tooth extracted or are about to have a tooth extracted and find yourself considering having an implant placed. The most common question asked when it comes to a dental procedure is will it hurt? When it comes to most surgical procedures, dental or just in general, some discomfort during the recovery phase is inevitable.

Now the procedure itself is not actually painful, considering you will be completely numb during your treatment and the dentist will either use general anesthetic or local anesthetic. If your fear is more related to the anxiety of having the dental procedure done itself, such as the sound of the drills or fear of the dentist, you can ask your dentist for more sedative options such as nitrous oxide, non- iv conscious sedation or you can ask to be put to sleep during the entire procedure. After the numbness wears off you might start to feel the discomfort of the treatment right away; patients describe the pain as the same pain you may feel after having a root canal done or having your tooth extracted. Most patients actually find the procedure and the healing process not nearly as painful as they expected it to be, stating the whole procedure was well worth the results.

After having your surgery done and being sent home with post-operative instructions and pain medications to ease your recovery, what are some ways to ease your discomfort at home? Following all post-operative instructions that your dentist gives you is very important. If you are confused about anything, make sure to ask your dentist right away. Failure to follow these instructions can result in an infection or a failed implant procedure. Taking pain medications that your doctor prescribes helps make the recovery process more comfortable. Eating cold or soft foods will aid in recovery by not causing irritation around the recently implanted area. Also applying an ice pack to any possible swelling will alleviate discomfort around the implant site. Applying it to your cheek or lips when you get home will soothe the area. Soaking your gums with warm saltwater, brushing, and flossing carefully will keep your site of healing infection free. It is very important to maintain good oral hygiene throughout the healing process. Brush and floss very thoroughly. Lastly, if the pain does not reduce over the following 7- 10 days, or just feels like it is getting worse, call your doctor and let them know your concerns. It’s better to be safe and proactive about post operative pain.

Overall, most patients feel satisfied with their decision of going through the dental implant procedure. If you are ready to discuss your options for placing an implant, schedule an appointment with us today for an implant consult. We are conveniently located within a few minutes of Downtown Fort Worth, and are honored to provide dental care to patients from Arlington, Keller, and Fort Worth Areas.