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Electric Toothbrush



Is an electric toothbrush still an item of luxury in the year 2017? Wondering if an electric toothbrush is worth the investment. Well let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of using an electric toothbrush compared to a manual toothbrush. Maintaining good oral hygiene practices can prevent gum disease.

Manual tooth brush:


• With proper brushing techniques manual toothbrushes can thoroughly clean your teeth, removing plaque and keeping gums healthy.

• Inexpensive and easily replaceable.

• No charging/batteries necessary which makes it easy to take on the go when you’re traveling.


• To get the most effect out of brushing daily, the ideal brushing time is 2 minutes, with a manual toothbrush it makes it hard to keep track of your brushing time without a built in timer.

• Requires more effort to make sure all tooth surfaces are cleaned.

Electric toothbrush:


• No techniques involved, just position your toothbrush at a 45 degree angle and let its spinning brushes do the work on its own!

• Built in timer, takes the guesswork out of brushing time.

• Built in pressure sensor, pressure sensor alerts you if too much force is applied while brushing.

• Recent studies have shown that electric toothbrushes actually have more cleaning power than manual toothbrushes. Loosening and removing more plaque effectively.

• Some electric toothbrushes have bluetooth technology which links up with an app on your smart phone that actually keeps track of your daily brushing, which is great to make sure your oral hygiene habits stay consistent.

• Great for children as they require little brushing technique and some even play songs to let you know when your two minutes are up. Which makes brushing an exciting activity for children!


• Charging/keeping up with battery replacements.

• Not portable.

• Not very durable, if you drop your toothbrush on the floor there is a big chance it won’t survive the fall.

• The price tag, electric toothbrushes do have a higher price tag than your regular manual toothbrushes.

Overall, both types of tooth brushes can achieve the same results. Whether you choose an electric toothbrush or a manual the most important factor is staying consistent with proper oral hygiene care daily. Still unsure on which type of tooth brush is the right choice for you? Schedule an appointment with our family dentist today and talk to Dr. Audu about which choice is right for you by calling (817) 870 5099. We are located just minutes from downtown Fort Worth and within walking distance of the Modern Art Museum.