Will Vaping hurt my teeth?

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Will Vaping Hurt My Teeth?

Vaping is the use of electronic cigarettes and is more popular amongst youth than any traditional tobacco product. Both electronic and conventional cigarettes contain Nicotine. Hence the Food and Drug Administration has not approved of electronic cigarettes as an item that helps with smoking cessation. What about vaping and our oral health?

Due to the risks of vaping, it is best to avoid cigarettes in any form, electric or conventional. Nicotine increases the risk of periodontal disease, which is an inflammation of gum and bone tissue around teeth. Periodontal disease can lead to premature tooth loss or mobility. There is also a chance of a burn, or the vaping device exploding in the oro-facial area. This leads to trauma around the mouth and face.

E-Cigarettes have different shapes and can look traditional or more like USBs or pipes. It can be called a hookah, vape pen, amongst other terms. And contains liquids that includes nicotine and a number of other metal particles like lead. Vaping or using e-cigarettes is a risk factor for cancer and other lung diseases, especially if these products are inhaled deeply into the lungs

According to the National Academies of Science Engineering Medicine, there is conclusive evidence that most e-cigarettes contain and emit numerous potentially toxic substances. And substantial evidence that dependence on e cigarettes can be seen as a result of use. Accidental or intentional exposure to the liquids can result in adverse effects like seizures, brain injury, vomiting, and lactic acidosis.

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