Emergency Dentistry

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Broken tooth

Broken tooth A broken tooth is usually unexpected and uncomfortable for people. When a tooth breaks, it is easy to start panicking; especially if it is a front tooth that presents cosmetic dental concerns. As a patient, it is best to slow down and take a look at the fractured piece. There are questions that your dentist will ask. 

Affordable Dental Care

Dental Insurance During the COVID-19 19 pandemic, many workers around the world lost their full time job or the health care benefits that they received from their job. Dental insurance typically helped make dental treatment affordable for many people.

Gum health and COVID 19

Gum health and COVID 19The COVID-19 pandemic has led to uncountable changes across the world. Travel has been significantly impacted; the way families and friends can show affection is limited to reduce the risk of spreading this new coronavirus. And it has led health care providers to evaluate what parts of the body in addition to the respiratory system demonstrate a decline in health when affected by COVID-19. 

Do I need to take antibiotics before my dental appointment?

Do I need to take antibiotics before my dental appointment?In the past, people who had a history of joint replacement and a number of other systemic conditions were given antibiotics. But with the rise of antibiotic resistance, health care providers and researchers have had the opportunity to take a closer look at the potential benefits and risks of taking antibiotics before a routine dental visit.