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What happened yesterday?! Did the Cleveland Cavaliers really just lose game 5 to the Golden State Warriors?

It is not an easy question to answer if you did not watch the whole game. It might be hard for Cavs fans that were monitoring the score from their phones to believe the game results. And if you are not an avid game watcher, then you surely don’t believe anything unless your favorite team wins.

Here at Museum Smiles, we support our TCU Frogs, Baylor Bears, Dallas Cowboys, San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Mavericks, and the Cleveland Cavaliers! All under one roof. We support all the mentioned teams, and a win for any of these teams makes us happy. How can we support the TCU Frogs and Baylor Bears at the same time? Or the San Antonio Spurs and Dallas Mavericks both? We will discuss that next time. For now, let discuss last night’s basketball game.

The Cavaliers played hard and scored 120 points but still lost by nine. It is not fun to have a discussion after the team that you are rooting for loses. Commentators have a field day analyzing percentages of points scored, which team player showed up, and which one stayed home. Or trying to determine who will join a different team. The number of people tuned in to watch post game analysis shows how many fans the winning team has. And the number of fans or popularity has some to do with who wins.

What NBA teams are going to the finals next year? Most likely the one or two of the same teams from last year or this year. If you thought last night’s game was a hard loss, you may want to support some additional teams. Perhaps support the San Antonio Spurs, or even the Warriors next time. That is why players move from one team to another. We all want to win!

We want to win you over at Museum Smiles Dentistry. You can’t get a Museum Smiles Jersey or anything like that. But you can have a healthy mouth and beautiful smile if you choose us as your Fort Worth Family Dental Office. You get snacks, coffee, and interesting books while you wait. And we probably support many of the same teams. Speaking of winning, we won the reader’s choice award for Fort Worth Weekly and were selected as the Best Dentist in Fort Worth.  Call us at (817) 870 5099 to schedule a visit with the dentist, and meet our team. We serve families from Arlington, Keller, and Fort Worth.