Irritation Fibroma

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Irritation Fibroma

An irritation fibroma is a mass of tissue in the mouth that commonly develops after cheek biting or other localized trauma. Other causes of fibroma in the mouth can be rubbing of a denture or retainer, repeatedly biting the area, or other foreign objects such as food irritating the area. They can develop in or around the mouth, including on the tongue, inside of the cheek and lips, and often appear raised from the gum tissue. These can appear hard or soft and will be pink or white in color. Usually patients or a dentist upon routine examination will discover or notice the growth first, and sometimes they can appear on dental x-ray images. Typically, the masses are not harmful or cancerous.

Sometimes, we nibble on our cheeks or lips and it may be a habit. Fluid can get trapped in these areas that we bite on, and a cyst or irritation fibroma develops. These areas can be treated by laser treatment or sometimes left untreated if it doesn't change in size or cause any discomfort.  If an irritation fibroma does develop, it is best to rinse with alcohol-free mouth wash and avoid brushing the irritated area. If necessary, a biposy can be taken of the fibroma, and it can also be removed in a safe and fairly simple surgical or laser procedure, with a short healing time.

At Museum Smiles, when you come in for an exam, we thoroughly evaluate extraoral and intraoral areas of the mouth, tongue sides and underneath, inside of your cheeks, soft palate, and all surrounding soft tissue. This shows us if any tissue is present that may be discolored, swollen, or irritated. It is important to know if the tissue change is due to trauma or associated with pain. If there is no pain, and the changes were not stimulated by trauma, the area is further evaluated through a biopsy to make sure the cells present are not signs of a tumor or oral cancer. 

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