Affordable Dental Care

Serving Fort Worth, Arlington, Keller and surrounding areas of Texas.


Dental Insurance During the COVID-19 19 pandemic, many workers around the world lost their full time job or the health care benefits that they received from their job. Dental insurance typically helped make dental treatment affordable for many people. Without dental insurance, out of pocket costs from dental visits have increased significantly for a number of families. 

There are a few ways to break down dental treatment plans to make them affordable for each person. Call our dental office or a dentist close to you for a new patient exam and X-rays. We have a $55 new patient special. This helps find dental problems that could be causing pain already or would cause future dental discomfort. The dental X-rays and exam may reveal that your teeth are in good health generally and are not likely to have treatment needs in the near future. A dental cleaning can be done or scheduled if that is the only treatment need. 

At Museum Smiles, we phase your treatment per pain or dental emergency. A broken tooth that hurts or your dental cleaning would be first on your dental plan. You may also ask your dentist for an alternative plan such as a dental extraction (removing a tooth) or temporary fillings. Be sure to return for follow up visits if you select an alternative procedure. 

The most urgent dental procedure should be done first. A dental treatment plan can allow you to space out your dental procedures and plan according to your schedule and finances. CareCredit  and in office payment plans can also help cover out of pocket expenses. Our in office insurance plan reduces your fees, and covers 2 sets of exams and X-rays per year.

Call us if you need affordable dental treatment options. And we would be happy to discuss how you can continue receiving dental care with or without dental insurance. We are located within minutes of Downtown Fort Worth and proudly serve patients from Keller, Arlington, and Fort Worth areas.