Is your dental health in danger?

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Is your dental health in danger

Is your dental health in danger? What are the most common threats to your dental health? And how can you prevent them? Most people dream of having a perfect, white, and healthy smile for the rest of their lives. Who wouldn’t want to have an attractive smile? The best way to create that dream is to proactively preserve our dental health.

Your oral health has an impact on your overall health; just as your overall health has an impact on your dental health. Everyone is aware of smoking tobacco and its effects on the body, but did you know that smoking has effects on the oral cavity as well? Smoking can speed up the progression of gum disease. Studies have shown that smokers were three to six times more likely to suffer from advanced gum disease than people who did not smoke. Also, people who smoke are more likely to have severe bone loss (oral) than nonsmokers. Not only does smoking cause gum disease, it can also increase the risk of oral cancer.

One of the ways to prevent these dangerous side effects on the body is to quit smoking. Smoking cessation is not any easy process, but it is possible. Creating a step by step plan can aid on the journey of your success. Habit management techniques that help in the smoking cessation process include substituting with other healthier habits, such as chewing sugar free gum, or even drinking water.

Another common danger to our dental health is obesity. Many doctors classify obesity as a chronic disease. Research has linked obesity with many risks such as hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease and numerous types of cancers. Obesity can also increase the risk of developing gum disease. Ways to overcome obesity include leading a healthier life style. Avoiding unhealthy foods, such as snacks with high amounts of sugar and fast foods. Replacing foods that have less nutrient with healthier choices such as vegetables and fruits allows the body to obtain the nutrients it needs to fight off diseases. Creating a workout routine in the gym or outside in the backyard can help with weight loss and increasing energy levels. It is never an easy task to start a new habit, but being dedicated to a healthy habit will guarantee success.

Dangers to your health can be prevented and managed. If you have any questions regarding changing your lifestyle into a healthier one, consult your doctor. At Museum Smiles Dentistry, our patient’s health is very important.