Yoga and Beer

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Yoga and Beer

Love yoga and beer? Well now you can do both in Fort Worth! Many bars and breweries are opening their doors up to this amazing phenomenon of drinking and practicing yoga. Move over cute little furry yogi goats, beer is now in. Who said you can’t be fit and have fun at the same time?

During these hot summer months in Texas, nothing can cool you down like a cold drink. Especially during an amazing sweaty yoga session! Many breweries across Fort Worth are having special events just to do that, such as HopFusion Ale Works, a cool bar near the Southside of Fort Worth. They offer yoga every second Saturday of the month! A yoga instructor from Urban Yoga gives a yoga class in the taproom. You get a sweet yoga class, a custom pint glass and three pours of their great craft beer! Plus your wristband for the three pours is good all day, before midnight. So start your morning with a pint during class and come back later to finish what you started. Sounds like a perfect Saturday with absolutely no guilt of not getting your workout in, while also having a good time!

Another place offering this amazing experience is Martin House of Brewing, you get an awesome yoga session, a pint glass and four pours of beer!  Yes, four pours, how amazing it that? Don’t’ miss out on this event, coming up Saturday, August 25th.

So we all know yoga and beer isn’t just about the beer, but your fitness as well. It is a good way of having fun, literally warming and loosening up your body, while getting your body to do the work. I can’t make any promises about the calories you may or may not lose while balancing not only your body, but also your pint of beer in hand while attempting tree pose. This is also a perfect time to try out yoga for the first time. If you have never tried yoga or feel nervous about walking into a class with super flexible serious looking yogis, the beer might ease those first steps and keep you from curling yourself into Child's pose or regretting this new venture.

Looking for fun events to experience in Fort Worth, or a chance to meet new people? Yoga and beer is a perfect community-based event that not only gets your workout in, but also immerses you in the Fort Worth community and you may even make new friends. In yoga you do what your body can do today, not yesterday and not tomorrow.