Your Night Guard

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Your Night Guard


Care and Instructions for Night Guard


This appliance will aid in protecting your teeth from clenching and grinding, and the harmful attrition of enamel that this habit causes to your teeth. This guard was custom made to fit your teeth and should fit securely. The dentist usually recommends a nightguard if you have fractured or at a high risk of fracturing several teeth. 


Care of Night guard


Wear your occlusal guard nightly while sleeping. It may take a few nights to become comfortable with wearing throughout the night. Do not be alarmed; just continue to wear it as much as possible.


Remove your night guard in the morning and clean it using an anti-bacterial foam hand soap that doesn’t have color or brush it using a mild toothpaste. This will keep it clean and prevent it from becoming discolored.


Soften the appliance under warm tap water for 30 seconds to a minute to aid the placement of the appliance over your teeth. This will maximize comfort during insertion and minimize the risk of the damage to resilient portion of the appliance.


Always keep the appliance in its case so it is not misplaced or mistaken as a toy by pets.


Keep it safe:  Store in container when not wearing


Do not:  Expose it to heat that may distort shape.

              Do not boil in water

              Do not leave in hot, sun-exposed area


Use of your Night Guard


Place your night guard securely onto your teeth applying pressure equally on both sides.


Remove Night guard by gently prying away from your teeth with your fingers. 


Try to apply equal pressure to both the right and left sides.


Inspect your night guard regularly for signs of breakage.



Points to Remember


Your night guard is an appliance custom fit to your teeth only.


You must wear your night guard often in order to keep your teeth aligned in a stable position.


Failure to wear your night guard may result in excessive wear and/or fracture of your teeth that may require extensive dental work to repair.


Failing to regularly wear your night guard may result in drifting of your teeth to a degree that your night guard will no longer fit properly. Your night guard will eventually wear thin, chip or break and will need replacement.


Please call our office (817-870-5099) to schedule an appointment with the dentist if you experience any pain or discomfort from your night guard.