10 Effective Ways To Fight Bad Breath

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The problem of bad breath is something that can serve as an embarrassment to an individual, but finding a way to combat it is often very easy. At the Museum Smiles dental clinic, a Fort Worth dentist such as Dr. Nikky Audu knows how to avoid this dicey situation and offers these 10 effective ways to fight bad breath:

Regular Brushing and Flossing

An obvious idea that not only keeps this problem from surfacing, but also can prevent cavities. The ideal situation is to do this after every meal, but if that isn’t feasible, at least do it every day.

Using Mouthwash

Since bacteria can develop after eating food, it’s imperative that some type of mouthwash be used to eliminate the problem. That’s because the product can help kill germs. If mouthwash is unavailable, simply rinsing the mouth with water is another alternative.

Quenching Your Thirst

Drinking from six to eight glasses of water every day keeps your mouth continually moist, which prevents bacteria and food particles from creating an atmosphere for foul-smelling breath.

Tongue Scraping

Bacteria or other items resulting from eating can remain on a person’s tongue indefinitely, which can cause pungent breath, but using a spoon or some sort of tongue scraper can remove them. Also, by holding the tip of the tongue with something like gauze, the back of the tongue can be addressed.

No Smoking

By avoiding smoking, an individual can avoid stained teeth, ruined gums and of course, potentially developing cancer. These issues develop due to the nicotine in the tobacco, with chewing tobacco also a major contributor to the above problems.

Avoiding or Limiting Certain Foods

There are a number of foods that can produce strong breath odors, which immediately get the attention of those in the surrounding area. Two of the chief offenders in this category are garlic and onions, which have a knack for entering the body before eventually reaching the lungs. From there, they’re breathed out into the air around you.

Eating Crunchy Foods

When you eat some celery, carrots or an apple, you’re getting rid of plaque. Also, if this is done between meals, it helps prevent an empty stomach from producing acids that can cause foul odors.

Chewing on Citrus or Spices

By chewing on a rind of either orange or lemon, the salivary glands will be activated, which can keep bacteria from developing. You can also try something like cloves, parsley or mint, since either the chlorphyll in the latter two kills odors, while the cloves are antiseptic.

Changing Toothbrushes

By replacing toothbrushes every three months or so, you’ll be able to keep the bristles on your toothbrush from becoming frayed or worn out. When this happens, some food particles or bacteria might not be reached, which is a precursor to the onset of bad breath.

Regular Dental Checkups

By scheduling at least two checkups at a dental clinic every year at Museum Smiles, you can be assured that whatever brushing areas you missed will be caught. That will not only halt bad breath in its tracks, but also get rid of any tartar buildup and prevent dental cavities.

At Museum Smiles, our dental clinic wants patients to enjoy life to the fullest, which means avoiding situations that serve as a breeding ground for this issue. So when you’re looking for a Fort Worth dentist to trust, look no further than Dr. Nikky Audu for your dental care needs.