Dental Holiday Travel Tips

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Dental Holiday Travel TipsWe’re making a list, and checking it twice; finding out who’s naughty and nice with their dental care during travels this holiday season. If you want to be put on the nice list, here are a couple of simple tips for you.

Imagine sitting on the beach, sun in your face, cold drink in your hand, far away from the harsh cold and your daily worries, then all of a sudden you feel a sharp throbbing pain in your tooth that just won’t go away. To avoid this at all costs, the best thing to do before any trip is making a routine visit to your dentist. Having your dentist perform a thorough exam on you before you leave ensures that there are no pesky dental surprises while you are on vacation.

When traveling, always keep your toothbrush, toothpaste and floss stored in your personal bag or carry- on, especially when it comes to those long international flights. Keeping travel size supplies handy allows you to brush in between meals during your flight. If you forgot to pack a toothbrush, or accidently packed it in your checked- in luggage chewing sugar free gum after meals can help remove food debris that collects in your mouth. Drinking lots of water during your flight can help keep your teeth clean.   

When packing your toothbrush, consider skipping out on travel case. It is a better idea than most think. Reusing the same travel case can actually cause bacteria to grow, storing a wet toothbrush in a small container provides a perfect moist environment for bacteria to grow. The best thing to do is to dispose your travel case after each use, or just using a Ziploc bag to store your toothbrush in. Always store your toothbrush dry to prevent bacterial growth in closed containers.

We all know that during vacation anything goes; including food intake, and we tend to let loose or eat whatever we want. After all we are on vacation and it is more than well- deserved, but the best thing to do is just keep up with your daily dental routine. Don’t forget to brush twice a day, floss once a day and limit your sugar intake to only meal times.

Being on our nice list is a bit easier than being on Santa’s, just come in and schedule an appointment with us at Museum Smiles today to make sure your teeth are vacation ready!