Back to School Health Tips

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Back To School Health TipsIt is almost August and time for the kiddos to get back into their great routine of fun and learning. Once their schedule gets busy, keeping track of nutrition and doctor’s visits can become more challenging. So the end of the summer is a good time to visit the doctor and fortify children with preventive measures.

A checkup at the pediatrician’s office and a check mark on necessary vaccinations will keep kids from contracting certain illnesses. Preventive dental visits that entail fluoride and sealant applications can keep kids from getting cavities. Statistics suggest that about a third of missed school days in elementary school is due to dental problems. Missed school days affect learning and thus grades.

It’s important for kids to have great homework and study habits. Consistent settings and schedules promote studying without distraction. Avoiding television noise or video games during homework time helps with concentration. And one on one tutorial sessions in a difficult subject improves school performance.  

A balanced social experience for kids in and out school is important for development. Parents can recognize and discuss the signs of bullying, how to respond, and encourage adult involvement as early as possible. Children should speak to a school personnel and parent whether they are being bullied or notice that it is happening to a fellow student.

Studies show that kids who get better nutrition have more energy and concentrate better in school. Eggs, cereal and fruit, or muffins are options for breakfast that help kids get to a good start. A balanced plate of vegetables, grains, dairy and/or poultry through the rest of the day keep the energy level up and helps the immune system.

School age children should get 9-11 hours of sleep to function properly during the day. This prevents excessive irritability or sleepiness during classroom time. Sleeping patterns can be discussed during routine doctor’s visits if a child isn’t sleeping enough. A soothing bedtime routine like soft music or a bath may help kids fall asleep more easily.

It’s important for little ones to be physically active as they develop. The U.S. Department of Health and Human services recommends 60 minutes of physical activity a day for kids between 6 to 17 years of age. Physical activity builds good habits for little ones and prevents chronic health problems including obesity.

Schedule a visit with the dentist  and get a part of your back to school list checked off. Museum Smiles is located within 2 miles of the Fort Worth Children’s Museum.