Stress and Gum Disease

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Stress and Gum Disease The definition of stress has changed through the COVID-19 pandemic. Stress as it relates to the pandemic was initially about remaining healthy, but as shutdown and quarantine time lengthened, the stress extended to financial issues, and unsettled tension in family relationships. Stress, no matter the cause, affects gum health. Our gums are a part of our body that reveal what other tissue in the body system may be going through. Bleeding gums can be related to skipping a night or two of brushing and flossing. And as plaque accumulates along the gumline, the gums become inflamed. 

Stress leads to a weakened immune response. This allows the bacteria that is already present in the mouth to breakdown our periodontal tissue (gums and bone around teeth). 

It is worth noting that we do not have total control of our stress level; and stress can be part of a functional and thriving person's life. However, we can provide our body supplements that support the immune response of our gum tissue and other body parts. 

Ubiquinol (coenzyme 10) has been found deficient in gum disease. Coenzyme 10 is a supplement that when increased can reduce the advancement of periodontal (gum) inflammation. Coenzyme 10 should be used along with the mechanical removal of bacteria inducing plaque. A deep cleaning also known as a peridontal scaling and root planing removes the contributing source of periodontal disease. Coenzyme 10 is a supplement that has been shown to support periodontal health, cardiovascular, and muscular health

During times of high stress, dietary supplements help provide additional support for the body's imbalanced state. Contact us at Museum Smiles for a dental exam. We are located within minutes of Downtown Fort Worth, and proudly serve patients from Arlington, Keller, and Fort Worth areas.