Healthy Teeth for Halloween Treats

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Healthy Teeth for Halloween TreatsTaking care of your teeth and enjoying Halloween may take some effort. You can still enjoy tasty Halloween treats and not hurt your teeth. The best selection for Halloween is a snack that contains less sugar and is not as acidic. The sugar from candy is often broken down by bacteria and the byproduct is an acid that weakens enamel.

Sometimes, when the enamel is weakened, biting into a piece of bread or soft food can make teeth crumble and break. Avoid hard candy this Halloween because teeth can fracture during the biting process. Dental fillings and crowns can come off or break as well when eating hard candy. The alternative of allowing hard candy to melt instead of biting causes sugar to sit longer on teeth. Increased exposure to sugar and byproducts increases the risk of cavities.

Chocolate is a good selection for Halloween. Especially dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is rich in iron, magnesium, flavanols, and other nutrients. It provides other health benefits, such as relaxing blood vessels, and improving insulin sensitivity. The softer and less sticky chocolates will be better as a treat selection.

Avoid sour candy because it may be more acidic and coated with sugar. The combination of sour acids and sugar quickens the weakening process of enamel. Remember to floss and brush after eating snacks. Rinse frequently to bring the oral environment to a balanced pH. And find a mouthrinse like ACT Restoring, that contains fluoride to help remineralize enamel.

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