How Do I Know if I Need a Deep Cleaning?

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How Do I Know If I Need A Deep CleaningWe deep clean our homes monthly and decide how frequently to deep clean our cars. Sometimes, rain can wash our cars well enough and keep us from the car wash a little longer. When it comes to our dental cleaning, most people want to know how frequently they need one. And a common question is “how do I know if I need a deep cleaning?”

A deep cleaning is known as a scaling and root planning (SRP). Scaling and root planning involves removing plaque and tartar/calculus deposits from above and below the gum tissue. An SRP procedure is a dental procedure that is based on a comprehensive oral evaluation. Dental radiographs, and gum measurements are used to evaluate the periodontal health. A periodontal assessment involves an exam of teeth, gums, and bone attachments. A comprehensive dental exam involves a periodontal probing to measure the space between the gums and teeth.

After eating, teeth develop biofilm within minutes. Biofilm includes remaining food and bacteria. Over a period of time, biofilm hardens up and becomes harder to remove. The hardened deposits on teeth known as tartar/calculus causes gums to be inflamed. Inflammation leads to swollen and bleeding gums. The process is very gradual. It can take weeks, months, or years to detect gum inflammation without a dental consultation. By the time people notice gum problems, teeth may show some movement, and hurt. It is not uncommon to think, "why do I keep brushing and I can’t get this off my teeth?" Calculus deposits cannot be removed by a simple toothbrush. Calculus is made up of minerals from saliva and fluid in the gum tissue.

The resulting inflammation from dental calculus leads to increased space between the gums and teeth. During periodontal probing, a dental probe is used to measure the space, and measurements above five millimeters indicate periodontal inflammation. The presence of calculus on the root surfaces of teeth in addition to periodontal inflammation may lead to a diagnosis of periodontal disease. According to the American Academy of Periodontology, 47.2 percent of American adults have periodontal disease. A deep cleaning(SRP) is needed to treat periodontal disease.

Here at Museum Smiles, we often tell our patients not to worry if they need periodontal treatment and with great dental treatment, they can have healthy gums and teeth. We discuss the risks for gum disease and dental hygiene habits that alleviate gum problems. Getting a cleaning done once every 6 months helps prevent periodontal problems. Call us to schedule a dental consultation with a family dentist in Fort Worth. We are located off West 7th in Fort Worth and proudly serve patients in Keller, Arlington, and Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.