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August 30, 2017
Burning mouth syndrome Burning mouth syndrome is a condition in which there is a pain and discomfort around the lips, tongue, and/or the whole mouth. There are some irritating medical conditions that may be difficult to decipher the cause or stimulant. Unfortunately, burning mouth syndrome is one of these conditions that is hard to diagnose. The potential causes range...
August 28, 2017
Dental Abscess
Swollen lower left cheek
 A dental abscess is an emergency that must be treated in a timely fashion. This is a dental condition that can change facial appearance and if not treated, lead to life threatening complications. A dental abscess is the accumulation of pus in the tissue surrounding a tooth. It can spread and cause the face to swell up. Pus is usually made up of white blood cells that are...
August 23, 2017
Dental Implants can help restore function when there are missing teeth. Call us to schedule a dental consultation
August 21, 2017
Lost Crowns or Fillings One second you are taking a bite of your pizza crust and the next second your crown or filling comes out. A lost filling or crown is rarely an emergency, but it can be painful and sensitive when your tooth tissue is exposed to temperature, pressure and air. Crowns and fillings sometimes fall out due to eating something hard or crunchy. They can fall out due to having recurring...
August 17, 2017
Are you considering dentures or dental implants for missing teeth? Contact us at (817) 870-5099 to schedule a dental consultation.  We proudly serve patients from Arlington, Keller, and Fort Worth Areas. And would like to be your Fort Worth Family Dentist. 
August 14, 2017
Flossing with braces So you finally did it, you committed to getting that straight smile you’ve always wanted, but after getting your braces, you have realized your dream of having pearly straight white teeth requires a little more maintenance than before. Having a mouthful of braces requires a little more TLC when it comes to your oral hygiene. Braces create a lot of hard to reach places...
August 02, 2017
Dental implants provide a replacement for missing teeth. Restoring spaces from missing teeth improve the efficiency of chewing and change the appearance of the smile and face as a whole. Contact us to schedule a dental consultation.    We proudly serve patients from Keller, Arlington, and Fort Worth Areas. And would love to be your Fort Worth Dentist. 
July 24, 2017
  Schedule a consultation with us today by calling (817) 870 5099. We proudly serve patients from Arlington, Keller, and Fort Worth areas. And would love to be your family dentist. 
July 21, 2017
Should I remove my wisdom teeth? Most of us have special white pearls of wisdom. They are known as wisdom teeth! Wisdom teeth are positioned in the posterior of each quadrant of the mouth. They typically start making their appearance around the ages of 17-21. Many adults have missing wisdom teeth or wisdom teeth that are so impacted, that these molars never quite push through gum tissue. Do you need to remove your wisdom teeth? Each...