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July 05, 2017
The Symptoms of Sleep Apnea include loud snoring, waking up tired or with a headache, and interrupted breathing cycles during the night. Contact us at 817 870 5099 to schedule a consultation with your Fort Worth Dentist.     
June 27, 2017
What Are Clear Aligners? Clear aligners can help improve your smile.     Contact our Dental Office if you are looking for a Fort Worth Dentist at (817) 870 5099. We would be glad to discuss your dental health with you.   
June 23, 2017
Are you concerned about Dental x-rays? The thought of taking an x-ray can sometimes be quite intimidating. In today’s world where dental professionals are constantly implementing the most advanced technology in our dental offices, the risk of exposure to radiation, as a patient, from dental x-rays is very minimal. Dental X-rays are very safe and expose you or your child to a minimal amount of radiation. When all standard safety precautions are taken, today's X-ray equipment is able to eliminate unnecessary radiation and allows the dentist to...
June 22, 2017
Contact us at (817) 870 5099 to schedule a consultation about clear aligners. We would love to be your Fort Worth Dentist.   
June 19, 2017
Sports with your Fort Worth Family Dentist II     We have talked about all the teams that we support here at Museum Smiles. Some of the teams we support may be rivals but as long as they are not playing against each other, it is an easy pick! Dr. Audu is proud alum of Baylor University, where she met her husband, who once played football as a Baylor Bear. Nowadays, they cheer Baylor teams on from the sidelines and...
June 13, 2017
What happened yesterday?! Did the Cleveland Cavaliers really just lose game 5 to the Golden State Warriors? It is not an easy question to answer if you did not watch the whole game. It might be hard for Cavs fans that were monitoring the score from their phones to believe the game results. And if you are not an avid game watcher, then you surely don’t believe anything unless your favorite team wins. Here at Museum Smiles, we support our TCU Frogs, Baylor Bears, Dallas Cowboys, San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Mavericks, and the Cleveland Cavaliers!...
June 12, 2017
We are conveniently located within walking distance  of Fort Worth Modert Art Museum and would love to be your family dentist.  If you would like to discuss your health care needs, please call us at 817 870 5099 to schedule your dental appointment. 
June 08, 2017
Why Are My Teeth Sensitive?   As the weather heats up this year, our taste buds may cry out for ice cream and snow cones. There is no shortage of cold beverages that would be appealing in a hot DFW summer. But cold beverages are not enjoyable for everyone. Especially if you have sensitive teeth! Ouch! What causes sensitive teeth? And why doesn’t sensodyne work for every sensitive tooth? Teeth have three layers with...
June 07, 2017
If you are interested in an oral appliance, or need a Fort Worth Dentist, call us at (817) 870 5099 to schedule...